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Post  DraconisArsenus on 24/04/12, 09:55 pm

Creative title GO
So, basic plot goes something like this: there's a city, between Heaven and Hell, called Purgatory. It's a place where angels, humans, and demons exist together. Oddly enough, Purgatory is not a place of strife and chaos, but of peace. Under the rule of the Angels, Purgatory is the only city where these three very different races can coexist.
Not everything is bright and sunny in Purgatory. A host of demons, along with a few humans, wish to take control of Purgatory. They function as a part of the city's underworld, committing unsavory crimes and dealing in forbidden items in an attempt to undermine the Angel's rule.

okay so rules and background info~
-Usual RP rules apply, so no powerplaying, godmodding, etc. This especially applies to the angels, just because you're an angelic being does not excuse you from usual RP rules! Angels have weaknesses and character flaws same as everyone.
-Angels can be hurt by cursed weapons, demonic magic, or by certain rituals. Demons can be hurt by holy weapons, angelic magic, and certain rituals. It takes a lot of any of these to kill an angel or a demon, and any kind of magic weapon, holy or unholy is forbidden in purgatory except for the Angels. Out of the three, humans can only use holy/unholy weapons, and even then only the weaker ones.
-Just for naming purposes, Angel names are generally Hebrew, though Latin names can be used I guess. Demon names don't have a specific language they're derived from, so go crazy with them.

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Post  KeonaMZ on 28/04/12, 02:39 pm

Adira stormed out of her office. "ABRAHAM!" She shouted furiously. "MY OFFICE. NOW!" she finished, whirling back into her office, and slamming the door. Abraham winced as his name echoed through the office building. Adira was shouting again. He must have missed something vital. He stood slowly, making his way reluctantly to her office. When he opened the door, Adira was sitting calmly at her desk, fingers laced together in front of her. "So, Abraham. What reports of demon activity have you recieved today?" "None, mam." "And why is that?" "There is no--" She cut him off this time, her voice strained. "No actvity? Or no reports?" Abraham grimaced. "I see your point mam. I'll get right on it." "I thought you might see the problem. Fix it.
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